Independent Media CNY Website Debuts with Explanation of “Cryptic” S.U. Graffiti

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2013

Independent Media CNY, Frank Raymond Cetera, Publisher, 315-308-1372,

In response to the lack of correct analysis of the supposedly “cryptic” graffiti at Syracuse University, as reported by on December 9th, Independent Media CNY releases its first feature story.

Independent Media CNY contributes original journalistic works of local and regional interest relating to progressive politics, culture, and news events using citizen journalism as defined by Courtney C. Radsch:

“an alternative and activist form of newsgathering and reporting that functions outside mainstream media institutions, often as a repose to shortcoming in the professional journalistic field, that uses similar journalistic practices but is driven by different objectives and ideals and relies on alternative sources of legitimacy than traditional or mainstream journalism.”

Contributed by Mike Colatruglio, a 1995 graduate from SUNY Fredonia with a BA in Business Administration, and a former active member of Occupy Syracuse, the piece explains the meaning behind the “Cryptic” messages in relation to “questioning the honesty and integrity of the mainstream media industry”.



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