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Central New Yorkers to Deliver Petition Signatures to Rep. Katko

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CNY Solidarity Coalition

N E W S   R E L E A S E

December 20, 2016

For further information:
Andy Mager, 559-7058

Central New Yorkers to Deliver Petition Signatures to Rep. Katko

A new coalition of Central New York residents will deliver hundreds of petition signatures to Rep. John Katko’s office on Wednesday, December 21 at 4 pm at the Galleries, 440 S. Warren St, Syracuse. The petitions call on Rep. Katko to fulfill his campaign promise to “represent all Central New Yorkers.” Reminding Rep. Katko of his repeated opposition to Donald Trump’s campaign, the petitioners call on him to commit to eight specific points and demand that he work “to help Central New York and the United States to remain a place where all people can live freely and flourish.”

Aly Wane, an organizer with the CNY Solidarity Coalition and an undocumented activist in the community, said, “Central New York has such a rich history of standing up for human rights — the abolition and women’s suffrage movements and much more. Now is a time to build on that tradition to resist the worst impulses of the incoming administration.”

The petition was drafted by the CNY Solidarity Coalition, a new community-based effort to protect all Central New Yorkers from the dangers of President-elect Trump’s rhetoric, cabinet appointees and proposed policies. The Coalition grew out of an emergency rally on November 9 in Clinton Square to protest Trump’s election. Its members come from many segments of our community — unified by the need to stand up to the ever-evolving Trump-Pence-Ryan agenda and work in solidarity with those most likely to suffer increased discrimination, violence and oppression.

The CNY Solidarity Coalition welcomes new people to join its efforts. It can be reached at 315-472-5478 or


Full Petition Text

Dear Representative Katko:

During your re-election campaign you promised to represent all Central New Yorkers.

You also regularly distanced yourself from Donald Trump, saying “there’s absolutely no way I can support him.”

As part of following through on the above, we ask you to commit to:

  • meet with concerned Central New Yorkers regularly to hear about the ways that the President elect’s rhetoric and proposed policies threaten Muslims, refugees, African-Americans, Latino/as, Women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people and others in our community.
  • oppose legislation that would deny fundamental rights to people in our community
  • support access to contraception and a woman’s right to choose
  • actively promote meaningful federal action to combat climate change
  • oppose cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act and expand access to health care for all Americans
  • condemn extreme rhetoric, hate speech, and violence
  • support free and fair elections by defending the Voting Rights Act and opposing any effort to deny any American the right to vote
  • demand a foreign policy based on human rights, diplomacy and cooperation, not threats and intimidation

We oppose any agenda that threatens to turn us back on these issues. As our representative, we demand that you work with your party’s leadership and Democrats to help Central New York and the United States to remain a place where all people can live freely and flourish.


On Hiatus

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Independent Media CNY is now on indefinite hiatus.  As Founder and Producer of this blog for 30 months starting in November 2013, I have created 120 posts counting this one (plus many additional social media only posts at Facebook) – that’s one every week – including original writing, political cartoon satire, exclusive audio and video documentation of events, and publication of relevant social and environmental justice press releases to inform about local actions and news happening (many of which went unpublished by our current media outlets).

But I have not created the necessary interest nor activity of additional contributors and collaborators in order to form a working and stable collective that can provide an alternative grassroots media source in CNY.  An idea is worth less without the implementation. My implementation has been to the extent I can muster, but it has been part of the spreading thin of my contributions in various media and topics of interest.

I can only hope that my efforts may inspire others in the future to take up a similar mantle and to work on taking the legs out from corporate media locally and regionally while at the same time working on growing a media vision that relies on contributions by everyday people to a limitless publication platform which is not hindered by space restrictions and advertisements.

This hiatus includes “Art Show On A Vine” which recently merged from an independent project to be under the umbrella of Indy Media CNY.  “Art Show On A Vine” was my experiment in using the Vine video app platform for sharing and promoting local art by broadcasting a snippet of all artworks on display at various shows throughout the city, encouraging in-person visits and patrons.  It was fun to produce and is fun to look back upon.

That having been said, I hope you will join me in supporting and developing two local media sources that I find to be extremely valuable to our community.

First, SPARK!, Syracuse’s new independent FM radio station to be broadcast at 93.5 on the dial (103.3 in Liverpool).  In addition to a focus on local music, and original topical programming, there is room for a daily news program reporting the peoples’ news that goes uncovered locally.

Second, The Peace Newsletter, a publication of the Syracuse Peace Council, which doesn’t shy away from taking on the toughest topics to continue to educate and instigate us about the ravages of neo-liberalism, the war economy, and social injustices.

Simplicity, Sharing, and Stability to all ~ Frank Cetera


A Crude Reality: Oil Fueling Renewables for Capitalist System

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The new year of 2016 has proven quickly that recession is continuing to prevent us from a working, efficient world economy.  Closely linked to this phenomenon is a rugged, dirty economy that has made its way across the globe through groups of various competitive business owners and oil sucking hopefuls.  While many countries, like India and China; are working their way into an industrialized world economy as working class nation-states within a world economy, the oil industry is still a key resource and non-renewable dependency that globalization is contingent on.  Despite changing thoughts of ethics and morals when it comes to energy, the price of a barrel of oil reached a twelve-year low in the beginning of 2016 and now proves to be the answer to the United States avoiding another recession.  

This January in 2016, at a new ten-year low of $26.55, the price of oil per barrel has now ensured investors security, a basis to a process of expected cleansing and renewal within the dirtiest economy on the face of the planet. The new year seems to be the most volatile market yet as smaller and less efficient oil companies and producers are expected to run out of business.  Capitalism is a key component to this crumbling business economy as the largest corporations will be fit for the long hull with investments secured in studies of gas, bio-fuel and other environmentally sustainable solutions backed by credible research.   Have you made an investment in your own future this year?

Removing the dependency of oil and other non-renewable resources is now a goal of many but also an issue related closely to political chaos and scientific suicide.  Political organizations and candidates alike have been campaigning upon promises and ideas of renewable energy throughout the past decade.  Others have taken the chance to make political gains with hopes that their partisan organization has something in store for them personally because they can deny the effects of global warming and climate change on the television.  Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida and presidential hopeful has been on Face the Nation twice now, repealing his first denial of scientific climate change by saying, “I do not believe in climate change in the same way some of these people out there are trying to make us believe” (, 0:13).  The Rubio campaign is still a possibility in 2016 as the last major botch from the candidate was when he broke a molar on a frozen Twix bar last week, however; with any more denials of climate change and global warming you can count on the towel from the Rubio campaign in 2016.  

Times are changing, so are candidates; will political organization be next?  Tragedy within the British Petroleum corporation during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill couldn’t stop money from still flowing into Europe’s back pocket, emergency funds from other competitive corporations like British Gas would ensure the production of oils and gases for consumption would be a reality in Europe to support the working world economy.  Importantly; on a serious note, the year 2030 has now become a campaign of itself; demanding alternative energy sources as a point of business that Green Party members throughout the United States hold dear to themselves, as talks in the past between the major political organizations had been marked as a goal for the year 2050!  The reality of the situation is crude larger oil production companies are able to stay in business because of the investments they have in renewable energy sources and research they have done within those fields within the same company.  

It is no secret in today’s world that a good investment into the future can be the saving grace later in life and during retirement.  Prices on the New York Stock Exchange throughout the month of February have also affirmed that the recent prices of a barrel of oil have proven to be a solid investment and answer to the ailing thoughts of another recession. A larger surprise; a record twelve-year low was recorded by Bloomberg Business at $26.14 a barrel this month (   An article from CNBC explains the situation upon market close, as of four o’clock in the afternoon on February 17th; EST, “US oil closes 1.36% lower, or 40 cents, at $29.04 a barrel” (  The oil industry is staying active and the continual dependency upon non-renewables like petroleum and liquid natural gas as resources within the process of globalization and industrial globalization is a back bone to the future.  Corporations in the oil industry providing oil services throughout the world are and have been the reason for many things happening around the world; terrorism, just and unjust war but also daily transportation, public transportation and shipping are dependent of oil.     

Right now I would like to invite you all to the battle royal of the lasting oil production and oil service companies in the United States, pay attention in 2016.  As for now we will be watching the most fit oil corporations flex, show their muscles as they endure the competitive nature of the alternative energy age in which all larger oil productions companies, ironically, have investments in new renewable energy concepts and plans for business in the future.  Even though you can think oil is out of the question today as an investment with all the new renewable energy sources, oil sinks to all times lows; many countries are ready to trade and for those who are, it means business as barrels of oil reach highs of $35.00 daily during market hours ( Good luck, dive head first when diving!

Weston Hoy, Syracuse, NY.

Wes holds a degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and is a local peace, justice, race, and economics activist.  


Elections and the Left Panel at Syracuse University, Communication and Rhetorical Studies

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“Progressive and leftist voters face a choice every election season: Fight for a change from within the Democratic Party? Fight for a third party to the left of the Democrats? Abstain from elections altogether? This year’s presidential race has provided an uncommon opportunity for left politics to reach a national audience. Which candidates, parties, or strategies will help the left put an end to the decades-long triumph of the right wing?”

If you are interested in discussing these questions, listen to this panel discussion on the 2016 elections and the left.

* Melanie Goldberg
Staff attorney, Legal Services of CNY, for Hillary Clinton

* Andy Mager
Community organizer, activist. Former staff at Syracuse Peace Council, Sales Manager at Syracuse Cultural Workers, for Bernie Sanders

* Howie Hawkins
Green Party gubernatorial candidate 2014, working Teamster (Local 317), for Jill Stein

* Kathleen Feyh
Senior Lecturer in Communication and Rhetorical Studies at SU, member of the International Socialist Organization




Urban Jobs Task Force begins Monthly Protests of COR – OCIDA Tax Deal

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SYRACUSE – Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 12 noon ujtflogoCapture

Urban Jobs Task Force and community members will launch monthly protests of the $44 million tax deal granted by Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) to the Inner Harbor developers, COR. On the 3rd Thursday of every month, we will protest this tax deal less we forget how this tax deal hurts vulnerable city residents.

We will protest:

  • the inequity of this tax deal. COR is building the Inner Harbor using more than $70 million of public money, $44 million in tax breaks approved by OCIDA, with no accountable, verifiable community benefits as jobs and contracts for city residents.
  • the undemocratic nature of the largest component of this tax deal, the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT). The PILOT was never approved by the elected body of Syracuse, the Syracuse Common Council.
  • the emerging practice of OCIDA. OCIDA is signaling developers that it is “OK” to avoid the Syracuse Industrial Development Agency and its scrutiny. This practice is disrespectful and disempowering.

We will urge:

  • negotiations between COR and the City to end the lawsuits by adding verifiable, accountable job and M/WBE goals through a community benefits agreement for city residents on the Inner Harbor project.
  • IDA reform at the state level that creates firm IDA jurisdictional boundaries and project transparency by requiring a workforce profile connected to the jobs created. At a minimum, this profile would describe the workforce by zip code, ethnicity and gender.

We will continue to pressure for Economic Inclusion!

Monthly protests: 3rd Thursday of month, 12 noon to 12:30 pm, Corner of Solar and Court Streets

Contact: Aggie Lane, 315-478-4571,

Black Utopias: Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University Libraries

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Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) – SU Bird Library, 6th floor.

SCRC Director Lucy Mulroney and Joan Bryant curated the exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, the best-selling narrative of one of the most prominent men of the Civil Rights era. The personal transformations that form the narrative arc of the Autobiography provide a framework for exploring how people of African descent in oppressive circumstances tried to create worlds of freedom, unity, power, equality, and beauty. Rare books and periodicals, photographs, letters, advertisements, speeches, sheet music, news clippings, poetry, novels, memoirs, political pamphlets and posters illuminate the diverse utopian visions that have shaped Black American life.

They encompass African Methodists seeking religious self-determination; sharecroppers’ quests for justice through a communist-sponsored union; dreams of a future without races; enterprises to make Blackness beautiful;  assertions of political power; and calls for Black revolution.  This is just a sampling of the varied endeavors in the exhibition, which displays little-known individuals and such prominent figures as W.E.B. Du Bois, James Ford, Howard Thurman, Madam C. J. Walker, Samuel Ringgold Ward, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mark your calendars for the Spring Black Utopias Research Conference on April 4 & 6, when students will present their research on SCRC materials related to exhibit themes. If you are interested in arranging a small group tour, send a request to

Art Show On A Vine uses the social media app “Vine” as a medium for promoting and sharing local gallery shows and other art exhibitions.  The videos are archived for future reference, as well as made available for social media sharing to assist in promotion of the art, artists, venues and messages.

BLACKOUT: Through the Veiled Eyes of Others

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BLACKOUT: Through the Veiled Eyes of Others – Racist Memorabilia from the Collection of William Berry, Jr. #ArtRage #Syracuse in 4 parts.  #ArtShowOnAVine

This exhibition invites viewers to confront how everyday objects support and perpetuate racism. Berry’s collection highlights how ordinary household artifacts have distorted how generations of Americans view people of African descent as somehow less than human. Mainstream media may refer to a post-racial 21st century America, but stereotypes and distortions of Black people persist nonetheless.

“I remember at a certain point in time there was an argument that Black people should seek to have this stuff destroyed,” says Berry. “My position was that you always want to remember what happens when you allow someone to define who you are.”

The exhibition contains offensive material.

PART 1 / 4

PART 2 / 4

PART 3 / 4


PART 4 / 4

Art Show On A Vine uses the social media app “Vine” as a medium for promoting and sharing local gallery shows and other art exhibitions.  The videos are archived for future reference, as well as made available for social media sharing to assist in promotion of the art, artists, venues and messages.

Meeting with CNY Services about Proposed Housing Development at 831 W. Fayette Street

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There is currently a proposal by CNY Services for the development of 831 W. Fayette Street (currently a vacant warehouse).  The proposal calls for 50 1-bedroom rental apartments of which 30 units would be for people with mental health challenges and the other 20 units would be subsidized for low-income tenants.  The proposal would fully redevelop the site, using parts of the existing structures, demolishing a few sections, and building some new elements as well.

 John Warren, the executive director of CNY Services ( ) joined two community input meetings where he shared the proposal to the group, and accepted community feedback.

Exclusive video by Indy Media CNY:

831at PEACE Capture.PNG




Jerry Berrigan Memorial Drone Blockade Hancock Air Drone Base, Jan. 28 – Twelve Activists Arrested

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SYRACUSE, NY – On Thursday morning, January 28, thirty life sized cutouts of Syracuse peacemaker Jerry Berrigan blockaded the main entrance of Hancock Air National Guard Base outside Syracuse, NY. The cutouts were accompanied by twelve nonviolent drone resisters, who were arrested after blockading for an hour and a half. See video (of the blockade and arrests).

Jerry Berrigan, who died on July 26, 2015 at the age of 95, dedicated his entire life – like his brothers Dan and Phil – to Jesus’ command to love one another, Jerry came to the base on a bi-weekly basis whenever he was able, in his words, “to remind the base commander of our government’s pledge under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, a treaty to safeguard non-combatant’s well-being in any warzone in which U.S. forces are engaged in combat.”  And further, “to register horror and indignation at reports of bombing missions by drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan which resulted in the deaths of many innocent civilians; men, women and children.”

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern was among those standing with the Memorial in the roadway. Others were Beth Adams, Bev Rice, Bill Ofenloch, Brian Hynes, Charley Bowman, Ed Kinane, James Ricks, Joan Pleune, Joan Wages, Pete Perry and Steve Baggarly.

They were all charged with one misdemeanor and two violations, with the exception of Bev Rice and Joan Pleune, who were both charged with an additional misdemeanor (for allegedly violating an order of protection taken out by the base commander).

In 2008 Jerry was asked if there was anything he would change in his life. Jerry replied, “I would have resisted more often and been arrested more often.” The activists brought Jerry’s image to the gates to remember that this is where he would be, speaking out and putting his body on the line to say a clear “NO” to killing.

The group also remembered Mary Anne Grady Flores, who is serving a six-month sentence for violating an order of protection, taken out by the colonel at Hancock Air Base. Clearly, courts in NYS believe that a colonel at this highly armed base needs protection from citizens calling attention to the drone killings.

More and more evidence mounts regarding the illegality of U.S. drone policies, from the“Drone Papers” published by The Intercept, to the four drone pilots who have come forward to speak out about what this policy is doing. The activists tried to deliver a letter addressed to the Hancock  military personnel stating that “Under the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice you must not be complicit in these crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and war crimes. In fact, you are required to disobey unlawful orders from a superior.”

Hancock Air Base deploys hunter/killer Reaper drones 24/7 over Afghanistan and probably elsewhere. These weaponized robotic drones are instruments of terror. They perpetrate extrajudicial killings, violate due process, violate national sovereignty, and kill non-combatants and civilians.

For more information, see The Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars,

Honeywell’s remedy for Onondaga Lake has failed already.

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Syracuse, N.Y. — The layer of sand Honeywell has applied to the Onondaga Lake bottom to keep toxic mercury and other chemicals in place has failed at least three times since 2012, spilling wastes onto areas of the lake that had been relatively clean.

“Essentially Honeywell’s cleanup efforts put contaminated muck into deep lake areas that didn’t have to be cleaned up,” said Alma Lowry, an environmental attorney working with the Onondaga Nation. “The stuff basically slid downhill like a landslide or avalanche.”

The collapses in 2012 and 2014 along steep slopes in the lake bottom have contaminated nearly 40 acres of lake bed – almost 10 percent of the area to be capped — and it has yet to be cleaned up. Some of the newly contaminated areas have as much as 19 times the allowed amount of toxic chemicals, according to a report Honeywell submitted to the state.

Read more:


Lindsay Speer
Director, Creating Change