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A Crude Reality: Oil Fueling Renewables for Capitalist System

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The new year of 2016 has proven quickly that recession is continuing to prevent us from a working, efficient world economy.  Closely linked to this phenomenon is a rugged, dirty economy that has made its way across the globe through groups of various competitive business owners and oil sucking hopefuls.  While many countries, like India and China; are working their way into an industrialized world economy as working class nation-states within a world economy, the oil industry is still a key resource and non-renewable dependency that globalization is contingent on.  Despite changing thoughts of ethics and morals when it comes to energy, the price of a barrel of oil reached a twelve-year low in the beginning of 2016 and now proves to be the answer to the United States avoiding another recession.  

This January in 2016, at a new ten-year low of $26.55, the price of oil per barrel has now ensured investors security, a basis to a process of expected cleansing and renewal within the dirtiest economy on the face of the planet. The new year seems to be the most volatile market yet as smaller and less efficient oil companies and producers are expected to run out of business.  Capitalism is a key component to this crumbling business economy as the largest corporations will be fit for the long hull with investments secured in studies of gas, bio-fuel and other environmentally sustainable solutions backed by credible research.   Have you made an investment in your own future this year?

Removing the dependency of oil and other non-renewable resources is now a goal of many but also an issue related closely to political chaos and scientific suicide.  Political organizations and candidates alike have been campaigning upon promises and ideas of renewable energy throughout the past decade.  Others have taken the chance to make political gains with hopes that their partisan organization has something in store for them personally because they can deny the effects of global warming and climate change on the television.  Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida and presidential hopeful has been on Face the Nation twice now, repealing his first denial of scientific climate change by saying, “I do not believe in climate change in the same way some of these people out there are trying to make us believe” (, 0:13).  The Rubio campaign is still a possibility in 2016 as the last major botch from the candidate was when he broke a molar on a frozen Twix bar last week, however; with any more denials of climate change and global warming you can count on the towel from the Rubio campaign in 2016.  

Times are changing, so are candidates; will political organization be next?  Tragedy within the British Petroleum corporation during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill couldn’t stop money from still flowing into Europe’s back pocket, emergency funds from other competitive corporations like British Gas would ensure the production of oils and gases for consumption would be a reality in Europe to support the working world economy.  Importantly; on a serious note, the year 2030 has now become a campaign of itself; demanding alternative energy sources as a point of business that Green Party members throughout the United States hold dear to themselves, as talks in the past between the major political organizations had been marked as a goal for the year 2050!  The reality of the situation is crude larger oil production companies are able to stay in business because of the investments they have in renewable energy sources and research they have done within those fields within the same company.  

It is no secret in today’s world that a good investment into the future can be the saving grace later in life and during retirement.  Prices on the New York Stock Exchange throughout the month of February have also affirmed that the recent prices of a barrel of oil have proven to be a solid investment and answer to the ailing thoughts of another recession. A larger surprise; a record twelve-year low was recorded by Bloomberg Business at $26.14 a barrel this month (   An article from CNBC explains the situation upon market close, as of four o’clock in the afternoon on February 17th; EST, “US oil closes 1.36% lower, or 40 cents, at $29.04 a barrel” (  The oil industry is staying active and the continual dependency upon non-renewables like petroleum and liquid natural gas as resources within the process of globalization and industrial globalization is a back bone to the future.  Corporations in the oil industry providing oil services throughout the world are and have been the reason for many things happening around the world; terrorism, just and unjust war but also daily transportation, public transportation and shipping are dependent of oil.     

Right now I would like to invite you all to the battle royal of the lasting oil production and oil service companies in the United States, pay attention in 2016.  As for now we will be watching the most fit oil corporations flex, show their muscles as they endure the competitive nature of the alternative energy age in which all larger oil productions companies, ironically, have investments in new renewable energy concepts and plans for business in the future.  Even though you can think oil is out of the question today as an investment with all the new renewable energy sources, oil sinks to all times lows; many countries are ready to trade and for those who are, it means business as barrels of oil reach highs of $35.00 daily during market hours ( Good luck, dive head first when diving!

Weston Hoy, Syracuse, NY.

Wes holds a degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and is a local peace, justice, race, and economics activist.  



MEDIA ALERT: Syracuse Citizens to Rally to End Pay-to-Play, Urge Obama to Require Government Contractors to Disclose Political Spending

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Video of Today’s Rally Event Now Available At:


Event Is One of Nearly 50 to Be Held Throughout the Country Calling for an Executive Order to Shine the Light on Corporate Corruption

A rally calling on President Barack Obama to issue an executive order requiring contractors that do business with the government to disclose their political spending. The Syracuse event will include speakers, creative signs, and a musical performance. Attendees will be able to rubber stamp their money with “Not to be Used for Bribing Politicians.”

Under the current system, corporations that bid for government contracts do not have to disclose their campaign spending. This has led to a corrupt pay-to-play system where government contracts can secretly funnel untold sums to help elect the very same lawmakers who are responsible for awarding government contracts. However, the solution does not require an act of Congress. Obama has the authority to fix the problem with the stroke of a pen. By signing an executive order, contractors would have to disclose their political spending and citizens would be able to see which elected officials are getting the greatest contributions from contractors. An executive order would shine the light on corporate corruption and set an example for other agencies struggling to curb money in politics.

Activists in Central New York are not alone – this is a nationwide movement. Rallies and other events are scheduled to be held in nearly 50 cities and towns, in 25 states, throughout the country. In Washington, D.C., activists will hold a press conference in front of the White House and deliver hundreds of thousands of petitions calling for an executive order. April 2 marks the year anniversary of the McCutcheon Supreme Court ruling that further flooded the election system with unprecedented sums of money from corporations and the super wealthy.

5:00 – 6:00pm, Thursday, April 2.

State Office Building, 333 E. Washington St., Syracuse (next to City Hall)

Jonah Minkoff-Zern, national co-director of Public Citizen’s “Democracy is For People” campaign; Michael Messina-Yauchzy, co-chair of Move To Amend of Syracuse and Central New York; others. The DREAM Freedom Revival will perform.

Creative signs and displays will abound.

$15 and a Union: Making the Minimum Wage a Living Wage in Syracuse (Part of the ongoing Socialist Forum)

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Unprecedented productivity gains in the economy have been translated to profits for owners and stagnant wages for workers. Our panel will discuss the effects of low wages on workers and those entering the workforce, the living wage, and organizing for change.


Featured Speakers:

Sandy Arias is an activist with “15 Now” and will discuss the organizing efforts in NYC and the success of Kshama Sawant and others in raising the minimum wage in Seattle.

Rebecca Fuentes is an immigrant rights activist and Coordinator of the Workers’ Center of CNY. Rebcca works with farm workers throughout New York state.

Jesse Harasta is a teacher and researcher at Cazenovia College. He is working on the Syracuse Living Wage Study.

Howie Hawkins is active in the Green and Socialist parties. His 2014 Green campaign for Governor advocated a $15 minimum wage. Howie is a truck unloader at UPS and a Teamster.

Cosponsored by CNY Reds and Syracuse Greens.