On Hiatus

In Uncategorized on April 22, 2016 at 8:40 am

Independent Media CNY is now on indefinite hiatus.  As Founder and Producer of this blog for 30 months starting in November 2013, I have created 120 posts counting this one (plus many additional social media only posts at Facebook) – that’s one every week – including original writing, political cartoon satire, exclusive audio and video documentation of events, and publication of relevant social and environmental justice press releases to inform about local actions and news happening (many of which went unpublished by our current media outlets).

But I have not created the necessary interest nor activity of additional contributors and collaborators in order to form a working and stable collective that can provide an alternative grassroots media source in CNY.  An idea is worth less without the implementation. My implementation has been to the extent I can muster, but it has been part of the spreading thin of my contributions in various media and topics of interest.

I can only hope that my efforts may inspire others in the future to take up a similar mantle and to work on taking the legs out from corporate media locally and regionally while at the same time working on growing a media vision that relies on contributions by everyday people to a limitless publication platform which is not hindered by space restrictions and advertisements.

This hiatus includes “Art Show On A Vine” which recently merged from an independent project to be under the umbrella of Indy Media CNY.  “Art Show On A Vine” was my experiment in using the Vine video app platform for sharing and promoting local art by broadcasting a snippet of all artworks on display at various shows throughout the city, encouraging in-person visits and patrons.  It was fun to produce and is fun to look back upon.

That having been said, I hope you will join me in supporting and developing two local media sources that I find to be extremely valuable to our community.

First, SPARK!, Syracuse’s new independent FM radio station to be broadcast at 93.5 on the dial (103.3 in Liverpool).  In addition to a focus on local music, and original topical programming, there is room for a daily news program reporting the peoples’ news that goes uncovered locally.

Second, The Peace Newsletter, a publication of the Syracuse Peace Council, which doesn’t shy away from taking on the toughest topics to continue to educate and instigate us about the ravages of neo-liberalism, the war economy, and social injustices.

Simplicity, Sharing, and Stability to all ~ Frank Cetera


  1. It is unfortunate that this didn’t take off as you had hoped, but it did seem like a one man show – not sure how or where others could fit in …

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