Elections and the Left Panel at Syracuse University, Communication and Rhetorical Studies

In politics, Uncategorized, Video Documentation on March 5, 2016 at 11:34 am

“Progressive and leftist voters face a choice every election season: Fight for a change from within the Democratic Party? Fight for a third party to the left of the Democrats? Abstain from elections altogether? This year’s presidential race has provided an uncommon opportunity for left politics to reach a national audience. Which candidates, parties, or strategies will help the left put an end to the decades-long triumph of the right wing?”

If you are interested in discussing these questions, listen to this panel discussion on the 2016 elections and the left.

* Melanie Goldberg
Staff attorney, Legal Services of CNY, for Hillary Clinton

* Andy Mager
Community organizer, activist. Former staff at Syracuse Peace Council, Sales Manager at Syracuse Cultural Workers, for Bernie Sanders

* Howie Hawkins
Green Party gubernatorial candidate 2014, working Teamster (Local 317), for Jill Stein

* Kathleen Feyh
Senior Lecturer in Communication and Rhetorical Studies at SU, member of the International Socialist Organization





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