Honeywell’s remedy for Onondaga Lake has failed already.

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Syracuse, N.Y. — The layer of sand Honeywell has applied to the Onondaga Lake bottom to keep toxic mercury and other chemicals in place has failed at least three times since 2012, spilling wastes onto areas of the lake that had been relatively clean.

“Essentially Honeywell’s cleanup efforts put contaminated muck into deep lake areas that didn’t have to be cleaned up,” said Alma Lowry, an environmental attorney working with the Onondaga Nation. “The stuff basically slid downhill like a landslide or avalanche.”

The collapses in 2012 and 2014 along steep slopes in the lake bottom have contaminated nearly 40 acres of lake bed – almost 10 percent of the area to be capped — and it has yet to be cleaned up. Some of the newly contaminated areas have as much as 19 times the allowed amount of toxic chemicals, according to a report Honeywell submitted to the state.

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Lindsay Speer
Director, Creating Change
  1. I participated in the public comment period when this plan was introduced, submitting a rather lengthy critique based on the document itself – what stood out to me was that, of the seven options proposed for consideration, the one approval was, by the documents own assessment, not the best one for cleaning up the lake – it was rather clear that the approving agency had compromised because the best one would have been “too expensive” for – Honeywell .. a cheaper one was chosen … And now we see the results. The approving “environmental” agencies in this state have a long record i myself have seen the results of on a number of occasions of being more friendly to business interests than to the environment it is supposed to protect …

  2. Edit – “approval” should read “approved”

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