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Announcement for SolarizeCNY will take place at WCNY at the celebration of Solarize Syracuse 2014


SYRACUSE, NY — MARCH 25, 2015 — Central New York has a chance to become the Solar Center of NY State in 2015, as organizations in five counties take part in the bulk discount purchasing, easy, convenient enrollment, permitting and installation process that comprises a “Solarize” program.

Last year, in just 5 months, during the Solarize Syracuse program, 77 buildings were signed up to generate more than 500KW electricity of solar power, more than doubling the amount of solar previously installed in subject areas. The program, which was run by a consortium of area non profits working with the Central NY Regional Planning and Development Board, was limited to the City of Syracuse, and Towns of Manlius, DeWitt, and Onondaga Hill.

“Many people don’t know that Syracuse has more sun that Germany, the world leader in solar photovoltaics,” commented Chris Carrick, Energy Program Manager at the Central NY Regional Planning and Development Board. “People often think that having a solar array installed will be expensive, and complicated, possibly even confusing or a hassle. The Solarize Syracuse program demonstrated that people are eager to equip their properties with solar power when they are offered accurate, credible information, attractive pricing, and simplified processes.”

Pete Wirth, a Solarize volunteer, equipped his home with solar panels two years ago. “I wish I’d done it sooner, because I really wanted to use a clean, renewable energy source,” he says. “But I had to sort through a lot of information. That’s one of the advantages of a Solarize program: it makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to switch to solar. What’s beautiful is that it is price competitive with what they might be paying for electricity now,” he commented, adding that he expected his own system to have paid for itself within about seven or eight years.

The dozen or so volunteers who ran the 2014 SolarizeSyracuse Program, along with the program’s non-profit sponsors, and the participants in the program will celebrate the success of SolarizeSyracuse at a party at the WCNY Broadcast & Education Center, 415 W. Fayette St. Syracuse on Thursday, March 26, at 6 pm. The party will also mark the kickoff of SolarizeCNY.

Like the SolarizeSyracuse program, the Solarize CNY program will offer free community workshops where interested property owners can investigate enrolling in the program, and even sign up to receive a free site assessment to determine the suitability of their property. If their sites are suitable, they will be able to purchase a solar installation at substantial cost savings from a locally approved Solarize approved installer, during a limited time enrollment period. Counties in the program include Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, and Oswego.

Solarize Syracuse was organized by Alliance for a Green Economy, Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board, Frack Action, Greening USA, New York Interfaith Power and Light, and Syracuse Peace Council. Additional support was offered by Alchemical Nursery, EnergyWright, Partnership for Onondaga Creek, Syracuse Community Choir and People for Animal Rights.

Contact: Chris Carrick, 315-439-7748, Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board


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