$15 and a Union: Making the Minimum Wage a Living Wage in Syracuse (Part of the ongoing Socialist Forum)

In Austerity, Capitalism, Economics, Worker's Rights on March 22, 2015 at 5:42 pm

Unprecedented productivity gains in the economy have been translated to profits for owners and stagnant wages for workers. Our panel will discuss the effects of low wages on workers and those entering the workforce, the living wage, and organizing for change.


Featured Speakers:

Sandy Arias is an activist with “15 Now” and will discuss the organizing efforts in NYC and the success of Kshama Sawant and others in raising the minimum wage in Seattle.

Rebecca Fuentes is an immigrant rights activist and Coordinator of the Workers’ Center of CNY. Rebcca works with farm workers throughout New York state.

Jesse Harasta is a teacher and researcher at Cazenovia College. He is working on the Syracuse Living Wage Study.

Howie Hawkins is active in the Green and Socialist parties. His 2014 Green campaign for Governor advocated a $15 minimum wage. Howie is a truck unloader at UPS and a Teamster.

Cosponsored by CNY Reds and Syracuse Greens.


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