Destiny USA Request for PILOT, Public Hearing

In Taxes on March 10, 2014 at 11:29 am

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 11 at 8am at 333 West Washington Street, OCIDA is having a public hearing about Destiny’s request for a PILOT for their proposed hotel.  The public is invited to speak and provide comments.

Destiny USA has already received a PILOT from the city to build an expansion to the mall.  This expansion was to include a hotel.  Destiny decided not to build the hotel but found some provision that allowed them to keep the PILOT.  Now they want to build a hotel (right down the street from the one COR proposes to build at the Inner Harbor) and Destiny wants a PILOT for the proposed hotel that would be about $20 million.

Destiny is going to the county (OCIDA) for citizen tax dollars because the city has made it clear that it will not be giving another PILOT for something that should have built under the original agreement. (

If the county (OCIDA) gives a PILOT then it will be the first time a developer successfully goes around the city.  If the county goes around the city, it would be a potentially unfortunate precedent for future city/county relations, and city tax-payers ability to have a say in how County government intervenes in city geography decisions.

Contact: Aggie Lane, 478-4571


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