16 on Trial for Opposing Reaper Drone War Crime at Hancock Air Base

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At 5 pm, Friday, 3 January sixteen defendants will defend themselves against charges of trespass and disorderly conduct in the DeWitt Town Court of Judge David S. Gideon.

Over a year ago, on 25 October 2012, the Defendants were arrested, having blocked all three entrances to the Hancock Reaper drone base. They sought to call attention to the killing and terrorizing of Afghan civilians by Hancock’s 174th Attack Wing of the NY Air National Guard.

Asserting their innocence, the 16 note that their nonviolent protest, involving a rebuffed attempt to deliver a citizens’ war crime indictment to Hancock base, broke no law, but rather sought to enforce international law, embodied in the UN charter, signed by the United States, against the wanton killing of civilians and non-combatants.

Elliott Adams Sharon Springs, NY 518) 441-2697
Judy Bello Rochester, NY 585) 733-4058
Daniel Burgevin Trumansburg, NY 607) 387-7532
Mark Colville New Haven, CT 203) 415- 5896
Paul Frazier Syracuse & Rochester, NY 585) 775-9135
Clare Grady Ithaca, NY 607) 273-6257
Mary Anne Grady-Flores Ithaca, NY 607) 273-7437
Martha Hennessy New York, NY 212) 777-9617
Brian Hynes Bronx, NY 718) 838-2636
Ed Kinane Syracuse, NY 315) 478-4571
Rae Kramer Syracuse, NY 315) 445-2840
Andrea Levine Trumansburg, NY 908) 461-8491
Michael Perry Trumansburg, NY 585) 402-0658
James Ricks Trumansburg, NY 607) 2208988
Mark Scibilia-Carver Trumansburg, NY 607) 387-3916
Patricia Weiland Northhampton, MA 413) 695-1877

Editor’s Note: For more information about International Law On The Bombing of Civilians see, or for the Pacific Settlements of Disputes in the UN Charter see


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