A Non-Cryptic Explanation of the SU Graffiti Incident

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Syracuse University recently had some graffiti sprayed on its buildings, including the nationally known Newhouse School of Communications/Media buildings.  I certainly don’t condone the action and would recommend other avenues of expressing an opinion.  However, I’d like to make clear what the message of the graffiti was.   On December 9th the Syracuse Post Standard/Syracuse.Com reported that the graffiti was “cryptic” or somewhat unclear which is utter nonsense.   The fact that this is what they are reporting completely reaffirms the message of the graffiti.

One message read:  “liars live here, are u one?”  referring to the decline in truth from our mainstream news. The news we get here in the US stems from 6 huge multinational corporations which have various financial interests in banking, weapons, energy, and politics to name a few.  ( 14, 2012)   Maintaining a population of well- informed citizens is trumped by deception and dumbing down in the name of profit.

Another message read: “cui bono? WAR”.  Cui bono is Latin meaning to whose benefit? or who profits?
(‎) This message questions financial motivation for war.  Sadly, war has become a near trillion dollar per year industry. (http ://www. usatoday. com/story /money/business /2013/03/10/10-companies-profiting-most-from-war/1970997/)  Many question the ethics of our military actions.  Are we truly fighting for freedom and democracy or are we simply an imperialist nation out for ourselves?   Mainstream media rarely questions or probes this, and rather does all they can to garner support of our military endeavors.

Another message read: “less TV, more books” another knock on the dumbing down of our population who watches more and more mindless TV and reads less and less books.

Yet another message read: “1st in communications, last in free speech.”  The first half of the message is a direct reference to the Newhouse School.  The second half again is talking about how media companies are sending a controlled message straight from the top. Any investigative reporting that is truthful is not allowed unless it falls in line with the predetermined message that serves their financial interests.  In essence, that is stifling free speech.

I find it extremely difficult to believe that our local mainstream media here in Syracuse couldn’t figure this out.  The graffiti event at SU, again I do not condone, but was a clear message questioning the honesty and integrity of the mainstream media industry.  In response to it the media lies again, pretending they don’t understand and calling the message “cryptic.”   Should we be surprised?  No.  Again their interests are financial.  Keeping the people well informed is far less profitable.

Contributor: Mike Colatruglio

  1. Enlightening, well-written, cogent and oh, so true

  2. On one hand, I agree – the graffiti would only be “cryptic” to the politically illiterate. However, finish the story – the reporter did manage to eventually get a Latin translation near the end of her piece. Of course that is a common ploy with mainstream media – they may sometimes include the critical point, but near the end of the end of the story, which many readers never reach. I think research shows that most readers of the newspaper stop after something like the 3rd or 4th graph. They know this. But they’ve covered themselves.

  3. There were other messages:

    “Your ignorance is more scandalous than my promiscuity.”
    “If you draw a monster, is it a monster?”

    • “Your ignorance is more scandalous than my promiscuity.” is a popular feminist phrase. if you google around you can even find Tshirts for sale that have this phrase on them.

      “if you draw a monster, is it a monster? i’m not really sure how this fits in. considering the attack on media in a lot of the other graffiti we could assume it is saying just because media says it is true, does it make it true?

      is every message clear? no, but i still stand my statement that our local media calling the entire collection of messages cryptic is nonsense. the overall message is pretty clear.

  4. They also said the Latin phrase was in Italian

  5. If it wasn’t cryptic, you wouldn’t have had to write an article attempting to translate the meaning back into words that most people will understand. Here is the definition of cryptic for future reference: “having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure”.

  6. Hello there! Great article. I so enjoy when journalists cite their facts. It is so refreshing and adds legitimacy to an article. Kudos to you!! However, this article would have more legitimacy to the discerning eye if you used a standardized citation format (there are many to choose from). They don’t have to be formal but they lend a sense of composure to a piece that wouldn’t otherwise be there. I only suggest it because I fully support independent news and want it to have as much apparent legitimacy as possible to anyone who might otherwise not appreciate it. I hope you won’t take offense to my suggestions. Happy holidays.


  7. good advice kate, ty and i will do

  8. Kate, do you have a simple and standard format you would recommend for us? I would like to keep it standard across all the contributors if possible too.

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